ipData is a data analytics company that develops state of the art algorithms and intelligence systems to inform people’s decisions and help business and policy makers shape our cities.

  • Property development analytics: Sophisticated mathematical algorithms applying cutting edge technology to provide accuracy and speed in the property development, real estate and valuation processes.
  • Spatial and economics planning: Predictive urban policy tools to help Governments develop policies and help to plan cities.
  • Big Data information systems: Data cleansing and development of ‘big data’ sets to assist decision makers.
  • Transport Analysis: Development of journey mapping algorithms to inform retail, commercial sectors and traffic systems.

Turnkey Research & Custom Analysis

ipData looks at challenges systematically, developing unique approaches to solve complex problems; to create economic success and well-being. Research is customised to our clients needs.

Two Way Thinking & Clever Design

Most thinking is often linear and performed in one direction to deliver an outcome, applying human and financial capital. We also start at the outcome end to build effective strategies and incisive tactics.